USA50States Raw Download Data (Zip) File Folders.

We offer per-set Microsoft Software download (RAW DATA) service file folder's for in-house projects.   Our data format has the ability to be modified to meet your data Specifications.  All you need to do is to (Remove) the (Primary Key) field control in each file.  Please, beware that once the (Primary Key's) are removed, you will need to reformat the (DATA).  Each USA50State's package carries the following Data.  We keep each file folder's up to date with (our) format.  We offer the (FULL) package with everything in it, and we offer just the (SPREADSHEET) file folders along.  Please use the payment drop down button to make your selection.  Thank you for visiting C-Mart Cyber Processing, Inc., DBA. USA50States Data Service Packages.  All, file folders are compatible with (Window's) system's (7) and up... 


1. Zip Codes

2. Cities

3. Telephone Area Codes

4.  Counties

5.  Post Office Boxes

6.  Small Communities

7.  Small Rural Area's (with post office boxes)

8.  Private Restores (Zip Codes)

9.  Private Beaches (Zip Codes)

10. Gated Communities (Zip Codes)


All full Download (Zip) Files Folders Contain Software:

 A. HTML Document- Web Connection - SQL

 B. HTML Documents-Web Pages Connection -SQL

 C. Microsoft ACCESS Database’s Formatted - SQL and GPS's


 E. Microsoft (WORD DOCUMENTS)

 F.  Microsoft (PDF) Data Files.

 G. Microsoft Plain (TEXT) File Folders

 H. XML Document for Web Connection SQL and GPS's

  I.  XSD Document for Web Connections SQL and GPS's

  J. XSL Stylesheet - Web Connections SQL and GPS's


All (EXCEL) Download (ZIP) Files Folders Contain Software:

A. Microsoft Software (EXCEL’s SPREADSHEETS) Download (Zip) File Folders.



Thank you, Carl Mckissick

Data Researcher

USA50States Raw Download Data (Zip) File Folders.